Atlas of Canada

The Atlas of Canada is an ongoing web/print project under NSA. Atlas of Canada works in conjunction with NSA initiatives such as Integrating Our Voices and Under the Same Roof. This project aims to capture the life stories of Canadians as seen through the lens of migration by tracking human movements across time and space from one trajectory to another.

As the Canadian population becomes increasingly diverse, the lenses become more complex and the representations of our individual identities become increasingly important. Atlas of Canada provides an inclusive platform for participants to tell their stories in a creative manner of their choosing. The method of storytelling will aim to get at the heart of their experience, and will be showcased through photographs, music, quotations, as well as other mediums which connect them to their origins and ease their transition.

Images tell stories using semiotics (visual cues, or signs, are combined into patterns that transmit messages to the viewer). According to Ernest Horn, “The primary purpose of all pictures, from flat prints to sound films, is to infuse the phenomena of social life with reality and to assist the students in building concepts that are clear, accurate, and meaningful.” Horn.E, 1973

Atlas of Canada is planned to be released in several volumes. The first volume is focused on capturing the lived experiences and stories of migrant and refugee students in post secondary institutions. 

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